Welcoming back tourism to Hua Hin

In order to help kick start tourism again. We want to offer our help, albeit in a small manner within our capabilities.   We are looking to start up our story producing again hence we are looking to do stories on accommodation, restaurants and activities.  If you are interested in being featured please follow this link.

Also, we want to suggest a campaign to let people know that Huahin is ready to welcome back tourism.

Please understand this is a draft version, and furthermore we are seeking input from stakeholders such as yourselves. This can only work well depending on your input.

Now I know some people may think now is not the time, but please understand we need to begin preparations on this sooner rather than late, to ensure that it is indeed ready, for when the time is appropriate. A campaign of this size needs sufficient production and post production time to put it together,


We see the following options, we can produce two videos, one in English and one in Thai. In order to facilitate both markets. We could even consider mixing languages within a single video as well.

Welcome Back Video Campaign

Various entities throughout Huahin such as hotels, restaurants, activities providers and locals would participate and contribute in so much as being in our video.


We want to welcome you back.

To Hua Hin, which we think is just like heaven.

Our hotels are ready

Our restaurants are ready

Our beaches are ready

Our night markets are ready

Our adventures are ready!