Content terms and conditions

Usage of Video, Photos and Copy

Please note – All photos, videos and words copyright Heaven is Hua Hin.  You can 

  • Share the Facebook video onto your page (or others)
  • Embed our Youtube video from our channel onto any page

This allowance should cover any instance you need, therefore please do NOT download or otherwise lift our content and ‘republish’ our content. If you need our content to be used in other ways, please consider enquire about working with us in a marketing partnership. We do a certain amount of ‘free’ work in order for you to sample our work and understand our processes regarding our Digital Newspaper.  We do this to endeavour into a formal marketing arrangement with you.

If you feel you need to own the video, please contact us for a ‘buyout’ arrangement where you can then do with the video as you see fit.

Scheduling and timing

For your video shoot, we have allocated a period of 2 hours.  So please understand it is not an all day shoot but rather a contained shoot in which we will interview you, shoot B-Roll (atmosphere) and also action shots of our product or service.

Please understand that we will need to be reasonable prompt in our shooting as we usually shoot 4 venues in a single day (to keep costs down).  So that means usually there is another client for us to go to after you.  Hence we need to finish the shoot within the allocated 2 hours, in order to avoid being late for the next shoot.


For hotel content and review. We spend 50% of the time allocated in producing the content of your hotel, the other 50% is either additional work in office work that we do on the road, or video editing, or in regards to other stories being undertaken.  So please understand our limitations in time.

Client Preparation for the shoot

In terms of preparation, please note the following

  1. Be prepare to be interviewed.  Can be the owner, manager or designated nominee.  If you have not already received the questions from us, please request them.
  2. We will conduct B-Roll shooting.  That is, shooting your product or service ‘in action’.  Please be aware of the potential impact on customers.
  3. For restaurants, we will shoot the cooking process. Please DO NOT pre-prepare dishes.  This is the actual story we want to tell, that is, the process of cooking and assembly of food.
  4. Kitchens – please do not worry if you do not have a ‘photo ready’ kitchen, we only shot tight or close up shots of where the food is being prepared.  Not the whole kitchen, so do not be overly concerned with the current state of your kitchen.


Please be aware that for some stories (video) we request mandatory boosting of the story.  That is a payment, that we forward to Facebook, in order to ensure we meet the required minimum reach or views that we have communicated to you.  We do not keep this money, rather it is 100% passed over to Facebook for YOUR story in order to promote it to it’s fullest extent.


If the interview is answered in any other language than English,  we kindly request that you provide us with the translation.