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Thai Male Government Officials Granted 15 Days of Full Pay Paternity Leave

In a significant development, Thai male government officials have been granted the right to take 15 consecutive working days of paternity leave on full pay. The decision, which was announced through an edict signed...

Bangkok Pride Parade Draws Thousands in Support of LGBTQ+ Rights and Equality

A vibrant display of solidarity unfolded in central Bangkok as thousands of LGBTQ+ individuals, allies, and political leaders took to the streets for the city's second official Pride parade. The event, held to commemorate...

Government Establishes Big Data Institute to Harness Data for Advancements

In a significant move towards utilizing big data for economic and social progress, the government has announced the establishment of the Big Data Institute (BDI). This new public agency aims to effectively manage the...

Move Forward Party Leader Pledges Equal Marriage Law Ahead of WorldPride 2028

Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat has unveiled a bold initiative to champion LGBTQ rights and promote inclusivity in Thailand. During a high-profile campaign event held at the prestigious Bangkok Art and Culture...

San Diego Dessert Shop Shines with Authentic Thai Flavors and Coconut Shell Ice Cream...

Located in San Diego, USA, COCOBOMB has garnered a reputation on social media for its unique Thai desserts. Run by two Thai entrepreneurs, Mr. Thanet Bancharahattakij, 32, and Mr. Panaset Netiakaratawat, 43, nicknamed Sky,...

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