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Hua Hin Orders Safety Inspections for Water Dispensers

In a proactive move to prevent tragic incidents, Hua Hin Municipality has ordered safety inspections of water dispensers at seven sites and two daycare centers. This decision follows the discovery of an inadequately long copper grounding rod. Immediate repairs are underway.

On July 9, 2024, Hua Hin Mayor Nopporn Wutthikul, along with Vice President Suntee Thiamthat, City Council Member Danaiphong Sriwatthanakul, City Clerk Jeerawat Brahmani, Public Works Department Director Kamthorn Khieo-ngam, Education Promotion Department Head Sangkhep Chaemjamrat, and other officials visited the Ban Hua Hin Municipal Demonstration School. They were joined by Phasakon Phasurakarn, director of the Provincial Electricity Authority, Hua Hin District, and operational staff to inspect the safety of water dispensers.

This action was prompted by a recent tragic incident in Trang Province, where a student was electrocuted by a faulty water dispenser. To prevent such accidents, Hua Hin Municipality has instructed the directors of various educational institutions under its jurisdiction, including seven sites and two daycare centers, to inspect their water dispensers.

Today, officials from the Provincial Electricity Authority of Hua Hin District, including electrical system experts, participated in the safety inspection of the water dispensers. The initial inspection at the Ban Hua Hin Municipal Demonstration School revealed that five water dispensers were in good condition and safe to use.

Electricity officials measured the electrical current from the cabinet and inspected the quality of electrical wires, grounding systems, and various equipment. It was found that the copper grounding rod for the grounding wire was not long enough. They recommended adding a plastic step in front of the water dispenser to prevent accidents in educational institutions. The grounding system will be improved as per the Electricity Authority’s recommendations, and the water dispenser’s cooling plug will be temporarily disconnected until the electrical system upgrades are completed.

Additionally, Hua Hin Municipality plans to invite officials from the Provincial Electricity Authority of Hua Hin to provide training to teachers and those responsible for water dispensers in each educational institution. This initiative aims to ensure proper understanding and maintenance of water dispensers for enhanced safety.

Author: wtahouri

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