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Hua Hin Municipality Expands Green Space Initiative

On July 9, 2024, Mr. Atichat Chaisri, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, chaired a meeting to outline plans for the annual Green Space Management Project. The gathering, held at Chomsin Room, Hua Hin Municipality Office, included representatives from various sectors, including government agencies, private enterprises, and community organizations.

The initiative aims to boost green spaces across the region, responding to the national strategy focusing on economic growth alongside environmental sustainability. This year’s project is overseen by Kwongjit Tech Co., Ltd., tasked by the Department of Climate Change and Environmental Management to implement these vital environmental efforts.

Green spaces play a crucial role in mitigating greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide and enhancing urban biodiversity. These initiatives align with Thailand’s 20-year national strategy, emphasizing sustainable development and economic prosperity.

Participants discussed the importance of collaborative efforts among public, private, and community sectors in effectively managing and expanding green areas. This approach ensures that each entity contributes its expertise and resources to maximize the initiative’s impact.

Mr. Atichat emphasized the need for comprehensive green management strategies to meet environmental goals effectively. The discussion highlighted the practical steps to enhance green spaces, ensuring they are both environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.

The municipality encourages active participation from all sectors to foster a green culture and ensure efficient green space management. This inclusive approach aims to empower local communities and businesses to play a pivotal role in environmental conservation.

The annual Green Space Management Project underscores Hua Hin Municipality’s commitment to sustainable urban development and environmental stewardship. By integrating diverse perspectives and expertise, the initiative aims to create a greener and healthier environment for all residents.

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