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Hua Hin Begins Road Repair Project in Tawan Chai Village

On July 8, 2024, the Hua Hin Municipality took a significant step towards improving local infrastructure as officials conducted a site visit to Tawan Chai Village in the Bo Fai community. This inspection was led by Jirawat Brahmanee, the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, alongside other key municipal figures including Udom Duangkae, Chair of the City Council, and Samachit Sringaam, a district officer.

The focus of the visit was to review the upcoming road repair project for the deteriorated Tawan Chai Village (Bo Fai) alleyway. The municipality has outlined a plan to replace the existing damaged road surface with a new concrete road reinforced with steel, and to install a drainage system to address long-standing issues of potholes and erosion.

During the site visit, the project contractor, Alangkot Materials Co., Ltd., presented their construction plan and sought approval for the materials to be used. The project is scheduled to commence shortly, with the construction phase expected to start soon after the machinery is mobilized to the site. The projected completion date for the roadworks is February 4, 2025.

As part of their responsibilities, the committee emphasized the importance of installing project signage and warning signals to ensure the safety of the public during the construction phase. The successful completion of this project is anticipated to enhance the safety and convenience for residents traveling through the Tawan Chai Village area.

Attendees of the inspection included key municipal officials and members of the Hua Hin City Council, who were present to oversee the project’s planning and ensure that the project’s goals align with the community’s needs.

Author: sarahcb

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