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Thailand Addresses BYD EV Pricing Concerns

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recently engaged in discussions with BYD Chief Executive Wang Chuanfu concerning public concerns over pricing policies for the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand. The meeting, which coincided with Wang’s visit to inaugurate BYD’s inaugural Southeast Asian production facility in Rayong province, focused on addressing consumer apprehensions following substantial discounts offered by BYD dealers.

The controversy arose after numerous customers voiced dissatisfaction on social media platforms, citing significant price reductions on BYD vehicles shortly after their purchases. Specifically, complaints highlighted the sharp drop in the price of the BYD Atto 3 from 1.19 million baht to 859,000 baht. These actions prompted concerns about fair pricing and consumer protection among buyers who felt disadvantaged by the sudden price adjustments.

During the discussion, Prime Minister Thavisin emphasized the necessity of maintaining stable pricing to safeguard consumer interests and prevent potential buyer dissatisfaction. In response to these concerns, Wang assured that BYD would revise its pricing strategies to uphold market stability. He also pledged to explore measures to assist customers affected by the pricing discrepancies.

In parallel, Thailand’s Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) has launched an investigation into the discount practices employed by BYD dealers. Reports suggested that some sales tactics may have misled consumers regarding potential price changes following the discount period. Concurrently, the Trade Competition Commission indicated that while companies have the liberty to set prices, selling below cost without legitimate business reasons could potentially violate competition laws.

The outcome of these investigations and the adjustments in BYD’s pricing strategies will likely influence consumer confidence in Thailand’s burgeoning EV market, which has been expanding with increased interest in environmentally friendly transportation solutions. As discussions continue between stakeholders, including governmental bodies and industry leaders, the focus remains on fostering a transparent and equitable marketplace for all consumers involved.

Nora Zaarimi
Author: Nora Zaarimi

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