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Survey Reveals 42 Butterfly Species in Thai National Park

Officials recently completed a detailed survey of butterfly species in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, spanning two months from October to December 2023. The survey was conducted one day per week, utilizing photographic identification methods. The survey covered various locations within the park, including the main park office, the sub-protection unit at Sam Phraya Beach, the Huai Talen protection unit, and the Khao Khan Bandai protection unit. Observations were made consistently from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

The study revealed a total of 42 butterfly species, categorized into 37 genera and 10 families. The Nymphalidae family, known for brush-footed butterflies, was the most diverse, with 17 species. The Pieridae family, comprising white and sulfur butterflies, included 8 species. The Lycaenidae family, or blues, numbered 6 species. The Papilionidae family, known for swallowtails, included 5 species. The Noctuidae family, which consists of owlet moths, had 2 species. The families Hesperiidae (skippers), Geometridae (geometer moths), Crambidae (grass moths), and Sphingidae (hawk moths) each recorded 1 species, respectively.

The study’s findings underscore the rich biodiversity within the national park and highlight the importance of continuous monitoring and conservation efforts to protect these butterfly species. Numerous officials participated in the survey, reflecting the collaborative effort in documenting and preserving the park’s natural heritage.

Author: wtahouri

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