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Municipality Inspects Road Construction Projects in Hua Hin

On June 17, 2024, officials led by Mr. Jeerawat Pramanee, Permanent Secretary of Hua Hin Municipality and Chairman of the Inspection Committee for Receiving Supplies, accompanied by Mr. Kalayut Kuyukham, Director of the Engineering Office, and a supervisor technician, conducted inspections of two construction projects in Hua Hin. The first site visited was the reinforced concrete road construction project opposite SML Bo Fai Community Hall (Part 1), covering an area of approximately 3.20 meters in width and 125 meters in length, with a thickness of 0.15 meters. Subsequently, they proceeded to inspect the construction progress of another reinforced concrete road with drainage systems at Soi Suksan (Samor Phong), featuring a traffic surface area about 6 meters wide, 73 meters long, and 0.15 meters thick. Both projects are under the supervision of Chokkarnkarn Company.

The inspection aimed to assess the ongoing construction works and ensure compliance with established standards and specifications. Mr. Pramanee emphasized the importance of maintaining quality and adherence to project timelines during the visit. The officials noted various aspects of the construction, including the installation of drainage systems and the overall structural integrity of the road surfaces. Their findings will contribute to the municipality’s efforts to enhance infrastructure and facilitate smoother transportation for local residents.

The presence of Mr. Pramanee and Mr. Kuyukham underscored the municipality’s commitment to overseeing public projects efficiently. Such inspections play a crucial role in safeguarding public investments and ensuring that infrastructure developments meet the needs of the community.

Nora Zaarimi
Author: Nora Zaarimi

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