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Blueport Hua Hin Celebrates World Milk Day with Students

Blueport Hua Hin, in collaboration with The Collection, Inthanin, and Goodmate Oat Milk, organized an event to distribute beverages and oat milk products along with saplings for reforestation to students of Khao Pitak Municipal School, Hua Hin, in celebration of World Milk Day 2024.

On June 5, 2024, at 9:00 AM, Blueport Hua Hin and The Collection Classic Car, Painting, and Art Museum, together with Inthanin, a subsidiary of Bangchak Retail Co., Ltd., and Chabaa Bangkok Co., Ltd., held an event to distribute Inthanin’s milk-based drinks and Goodmate oat milk products. They also provided saplings for planting to over 300 students at Khao Pitak Municipal School in Hua Hin. This event aimed to highlight the benefits of milk consumption for children’s health and to promote the fifth year of the “Cup to Seedling” project.

Leading the event were Mr. Setthawut Nipolwechpaiboon, Deputy Managing Director of Operations and Product Development at Bangchak Retail Co., Ltd., Ms. Sorawan Kittiamornrat, Assistant Marketing Manager at Chabaa Bangkok Co., Ltd., Mr. Chokchai Wongjakraphat, Managing Director of Blueport Hua Hin, and Mr. Veerachai Huaprasert, Deputy Managing Director of Blueport Hall Museum and Convention Center. They were welcomed by Ms. Kanchanaratt Taweesak, Director of Khao Pitak Municipal School, along with teachers and students.

Inthanin brought their Inthanin Mobile van to deliver delicious beverages and educate students on biodegradable packaging. Inthanin’s cups, lids, and straws are all made from biodegradable bioplastics designed to decompose naturally. Inthanin has implemented this eco-friendly packaging across more than 1,000 locations. Joining the event this year was Chabaa Bangkok Co., Ltd., a producer and distributor of Goodmate oat milk, made from 100% Australian oats known for their high quality and sustainable farming practices. The event featured Inthanin x Goodmate drinks, including iced fresh milk and pink milk, distributed to the students, alongside 180ml boxes of Goodmate oat milk for them to share with others.

Additionally, saplings planted in Inthanin cups were given to students to grow in school green spaces, teaching them about nature conservation in line with the “Cup to Seedling” project. The saplings, including Inthanin trees and others, were provided by the Phetchaburi Forest Nursery Station in Cha-am. Inthanin’s cups, made from 100% plant-based bioplastics, can decompose within 180 days under suitable conditions, eliminating the need for plastic bags in nurseries. The event also featured activities led by instructors from The Legend Arena, adding to the joyful and educational atmosphere for the students.

June 5th is recognized by the United Nations as World Environment Day, highlighting the need for global cooperation to address environmental crises. Inthanin has a long-standing policy to reduce single-use plastics, encouraging customers to use personal cups and biodegradable containers, aligning with Blueport Hua Hin’s environmental policies, such as banning plastic bags, promoting waste segregation, using paper straws, and implementing solar energy projects. These efforts exemplify their commitment to environmental conservation.

Mr. Setthawut Nipolwechpaiboon of Bangchak Retail emphasized, “This event not only promotes health through milk consumption on World Milk Day 2024 but also educates children on environmental conservation and the benefits of biodegradable Inthanin cups. Our ongoing ‘Cup to Seedling’ project encourages responsible consumption and environmental stewardship.”

Mr. Chokchai Wongjakraphat of Blueport Hua Hin added, “We are delighted to collaborate with Inthanin and Goodmate Oat Milk to provide engaging, educational activities that promote health and proper waste management for the students of Khao Pitak Municipal School. This initiative strengthens our relationship with the community and nurtures future generations.”

Blueport Hua Hin and The Collection Classic Car, Painting, and Art Museum plan to continue organizing community-beneficial activities with their partners in the future.

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