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Sustainable Growth: PPP Green Space Initiative Cultivates Community Knowledge

In a recent statement, Ms. Sirikalaya Sunalai, Manager of Corporate Sustainability Management at PPP Green Complex Public Company Limited, along with Ms. Supamas Sangrit, Head of Social Activities, and Social Activity Officers, announced the extension of the PPP project. The initiative involved collaboration with community elders to impart knowledge to the younger generation. This expansion, completed by the end of 2023, introduced additional activities focused on the youth in the area known as “Sufficiency Children’s Vegetable Growing Plot In the community” No. 1/10 under the project “PPP Green Space: Edible Vegetable Space.”

The heart of this endeavor lies in the creation of a model vegetable planting plot that refrains from using chemical substances. Ms. Sirikalaya emphasized the significance of this project, highlighting that the grown vegetables can be freely shared and consumed by the community or sold to generate additional income. Waste materials from the factory were ingeniously utilized to enhance the productivity of these vegetable plots. Furthermore, Ms. Sirikalaya expressed the intention to introduce principles of royal science to integrate into everyday life, aiming to instill knowledge in children and youth. The project serves as a foundation for cultivating awareness among the younger demographic, with the hope that parents in the community will adopt its practices in a simple and self-sufficient manner.

Turning attention to the recent event’s organization, the activities attracted the interest of children and youth in the surrounding communities, specifically in Village No. 5, Ban Hin Pid, Chang Raek Subdistrict, Bang Saphan Noi District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. Over 10 young volunteers, including Nong Gus, Nong Khao Hom, Nong Aerin, Nong Ness, Nong Ice, Nong Taek, Nong Team, Nong Pleum, Nong Phupha, and Nong June, actively participated and volunteered to gain insights into the Sufficiency Children’s Vegetable Planting Activity within their community. The engagement of these youngsters reflects a growing enthusiasm for learning and participating in initiatives that contribute to sustainable practices within their locality.

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