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Stamford International University Celebrates Academic Success

Stamford International University’s Hua Hin-Cha-am Campus witnessed a momentous event on December 3, 2023, as the institution hosted its annual international graduation cap throwing ceremony. The celebratory gathering honored the accomplishments of 234 graduates who successfully completed bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in both bilingual and Thai language courses.

Held as part of an international cultural tradition, the ceremony echoed similar events in foreign universities, establishing it as a cornerstone in Stamford International University’s calendar. Each graduate showcased jubilation, encapsulating the shared success of completing their academic journeys, with the campus adorned in special decorations for the occasion.

The celebratory atmosphere was further enriched by a booth organized by current students, who dedicated their efforts to beautifully decorate the space. The intention was to extend heartfelt congratulations to the seniors, drawing attendance from parents, guardians, friends, and faculty members. Commemorative photos taken at various booths added to the festive spirit, becoming cherished souvenirs of the day.

Beyond the visual splendor, the event featured diverse activities, including performances by the music club and the dance club. Current students filled the air with melodies and lively dance routines, transforming the venue into a vibrant celebration of accomplishment. The palpable warmth resembled the sentiment of an authentic graduation day.

This year’s graduation marked a significant milestone for Stamford International University, with a total of 1,231 graduates across bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels from three campuses: Hua Hin-Cha-am main campus, Asoke Campus Education Center, and the Rama 9 Bangkok campus. The graduates spanned various fields such as International Hotel Management, International Business Management, Aviation Business Management, Communication Arts, Management, and Public Administration. The upcoming graduation ceremony for the academic year 2022-2023 is scheduled for December 17th at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok.

In attendance were university officials, faculty members, and distinguished guests who contributed to the enriching academic journey of the graduates. The ceremony served not only as a commemoration of individual achievements but also as a testament to the university’s commitment to academic excellence.

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