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Major Illegal Gambling Den Busted in Nonthaburi Hotel: Chinese Businessmen Among Detainees

In a significant crackdown on November 29th, 2023, Thai investigation officers executed a search operation at an expansive illegal gambling den situated within a hotel in the Ngamwongwan area, Nonthaburi. The operation, authorized by a criminal court warrant, unveiled a well-established network catering to both Thai and foreign patrons.

Reportedly located on the ninth floor of the hotel, the illicit gambling den was equipped with 6 baccarat tables, 6 slot machines, and casino chips totaling over 10 million baht. Additionally, authorities discovered a substantial amount of 3.5 million baht in cash along with various gambling paraphernalia.

The operational sophistication was evident as each baccarat table featured a monitor, and a casino staff member facilitated gambling services for customers. According to the police, the majority of patrons were identified as Chinese businessmen, shedding light on the international scope of the illegal operation.

Despite Thailand’s stringent laws against gambling, the den had been operating for an extended period, as revealed by the police. The longevity of this illicit enterprise raises questions about the mechanisms that allowed it to persist in defiance of legal regulations.

The initial raid resulted in the apprehension of 26 Chinese nationals and 23 Thai employees associated with the gambling den. The investigative team promptly transported them to the Rattanathibet police station for further inquiry. The focus of the investigation is to hold both the individuals involved and the owners accountable for their participation in illegal gambling activities.

The Thai police, in adherence to legal protocols, have chosen to withhold the name of the hotel and the identities of those arrested during the raid. This decision reflects the ongoing legal proceedings and the need to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

This significant operation underscores the ongoing battle against illegal gambling in Thailand and the challenges authorities face in curbing such activities, especially when they involve an international clientele.

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