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Drunk Police Colonel Abuses Foreigner in Maha Sarakham Restaurant

In an alarming incident, a drunk Police Colonel identified as Olarn Sookkasem, the Chief of the Administrative Department of Maha Sarakham Provincial Police, was caught on video causing chaos in a restaurant in the Isaan province of Maha Sarakham. The incident involved the police officer verbally abusing a foreign customer and asserting privilege.

Videos circulating on social media platforms depict a Thai man, later identified as Police Colonel Olarn Sookkasem, in a red T-shirt, creating chaos in a restaurant after being asked to stop smoking. The Thai man then directed his anger at a foreign customer, accusing him of having more privileges and labeling him as an illegal alien.

In the video, the Thai man vociferously claimed, “He is an illegal alien, and I am a Thai citizen. You are an alien! Not fair at all. Why do police officers not check his document? Check his document!”

The Thai man continued to run amok, prompting other customers to film the incident. Two Thai police officers were called to the scene to intervene, escorting the man out of the restaurant as he continued to shout abuse. During his outburst, the Thai man mentioned that he was a police officer and claimed to be acquainted with Mueang Maha Sarakham Police Station Superintendent Kraithong Chaisingha.

The identified police officer, Police Colonel Olarn Sookkasem, reportedly serves as the Chief of the Administrative Department of Maha Sarakham Provincial Police. The incident has raised concerns about abuse of power and misconduct by a law enforcement officer.

The foreigner’s Thai wife, Dao, expressed her desire for a sincere apology from the police officer, emphasizing the equal treatment of all customers in the restaurant. She mentioned that she did not intend to file a formal complaint but hoped for a genuine apology.

Commissioner Pornchai Chalordate of Maha Sarakham Provincial Police learned of the incident from the circulated video and announced the initiation of an investigation. A committee would be established to promptly investigate the matter, and Police Colonel Olarn Sookkasem would be summoned for questioning to address the allegations of misconduct and abuse of power.

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