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Tragic Drink driving Accident in Sisaket Claims 8 Lives

In a devastating incident on November 25, 2023, at 10:15 p.m., Pol. Col. Ratchayut Sakrapee, Chief of Phrai Bueng Police Station, Sisaket Province, responded to a distress call reporting a collision between a pickup truck and a motorcycle. The calamity unfolded on the road in front of Samrongphlan Temple, Village No. 1, Ban Samrongphlan, Samrongphlan Subdistrict, Phrai Bueng District, Sisaket Province. Numerous individuals were reported injured, and unfortunately, several lives were lost.

Upon receiving the report, Pol. Col. Ratchayut Sakrapee, accompanied by key figures such as Mr. Panet Uthairangsi, Phrai Bueng District Chief, and Pol. Lt. Noppadol Inthong, an investigator on duty at Phrai Bueng Police Station, swiftly arrived at the scene. Also present were officials from Phrai Bueng Hospital and the rescue unit, including Sawangjit Chudkhunhan, Sawangjit Chudkhukhan, and Sawangjit Chudprai Bueng.

The distressing scene revealed a Toyota Vigo pickup truck, from Udon Thani, overturned in the middle of the road. Adjacent to the temple wall, the aftermath displayed the wreckage of 9 motorcycles, victims of the collision. The temple wall itself bore the impact, resulting in severe damage. Rescue workers promptly transported the injured and deceased to Prai Bueng Hospital, where the extent of the tragedy became evident.

Preliminary investigations unveiled a grim toll—9 motorcycles damaged, 1 pickup truck overturned, and a heartbreaking count of 8 lives lost.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Kiattisak Thiangtrong, a 37-year-old resident of Village No. 5, Pho Tak Subdistrict, Pho Tak District, Nong Khai Province, had attended a Kathin ceremony in Bak Dong Subdistrict, Khun Han District, Sisaket Province, prior to the incident. Confessing to consuming alcohol, he admitted to being heavily intoxicated when he drove towards Sisaket Province. Upon reaching the scene, he succumbed to drowsiness, leading to a loss of control and a collision with a pickup truck and motorcycles. The tragic event resulted in numerous injuries and fatalities. Initial charges include careless driving causing harm and death, along with driving under the influence, leading to his detention for further legal proceedings.

Mr. Nop Phongphalasai, Deputy Governor of Sisaket Province, conveyed the concern of Mr. Anupong Suksomnit, Governor of Sisaket Province, for the victims. In light of the incident, an immediate visit was arranged to assess the condition of those receiving treatment at Sisaket Hospital. Presently, one individual remains in a coma, requiring brain surgery.

The accused, who confessed to charges of careless driving causing injury and death while under the influence of alcohol, remains in custody. Pol. Col. Ratchayut Sakrapee stated that of the 8 deceased individuals, the names of 7 have been verified, with efforts underway to identify the remaining victim. Compensation for the injured and deceased is initiated through the Vehicle Accident Victims Assistance Fund, offering 500,000 baht for each death, along with contributions from the car accident insurance company, amounting to a maximum of 10 million baht for the 14 affected individuals.

As the investigation unfolds, objections to bail have been raised due to the severity of the case, marked by numerous fatalities and injuries. The accused’s confession to all charges further complicates the legal proceedings, with continued scrutiny anticipated in the Kantharalak Provincial Court.

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