Revolutionizing Rail Travel: Hua Hin Station’s Major Upgrade


In a groundbreaking move set to redefine rail travel in Thailand, Hua Hin Railway Station is gearing up for a momentous shift. An exclusive video tour unveils the station’s interiors, providing a sneak peek before the official opening. This unique opportunity allows viewers to gauge the magnitude of the new services awaiting eager passengers. Additionally, a video retrospective of the station’s construction adds a historical perspective, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that brought this project to fruition.

Come December 11, 2023, Hua Hin Railway Station will relocate its offices. Passengers embarking on train journeys will now need to purchase tickets at the new Hua Hin Railway Station. The initial phase of the station’s opening will primarily focus on ticketing services, with the gradual rollout of additional facilities, including retail spaces and other amenities, in the ensuing months.

An integral component of the Southern Line double-track railway project, the new timetable (double track) is slated for implementation from December 15, 2023. This strategic upgrade aims to optimize rail travel efficiency across the region, with the first phase of the project covering an impressive 421-kilometer stretch from Nakhon Pathom to Chumphon. As of now, over 98% of the project has been completed, marking a significant milestone in the revitalization of Thailand’s transportation sector.

One standout benefit of the dual-track line is the promise of reduced travel time between Hua Hin and Bangkok, estimated to be around three hours. However, the success of the new timetable remains to be seen, and a comprehensive report will follow once operational insights are available.

After an illustrious 112-year service to the community, the historic Hua Hin Railway Station will gracefully hand over its legacy to a new counterpart, positioned just 50 meters away. Plans are underway to preserve the old station as a cultural landmark, ensuring its historical significance endures.

Despite substantial investments in rail infrastructure, a noticeable void exists in announcements related to new rolling stock. The absence of such updates raises concerns, as enhanced rolling stock is vital for introducing additional services and improving the overall convenience of rail travel.

In terms of the schedule for trains departing from Hua Hin to Bangkok, a varied timetable offers options for early morning and late-night journeys.

12:14am departs Hua Hin, arrives Bangkok 3:45am.

1:18am departs Hua Hin, arrives Bangkok 5:00am.

1:50am departs Hua Hin, arrives Bangkok 5:30am.

2:24am departs Hua Hin, arrives Bangkok 6:10am.

3:57am departs Hua Hin, arrives 7:30am.

4:27am departs Hua Hin, arrives 8:10am.

4:31am departs Hua Hin, arrives 8:30am.

4:52am departs Hua Hin, arrives 8:30am.

However, the most convenient daytime service departs Hua Hin at 2:36 pm, arriving in Bangkok at 6:05 pm, boasting a travel time of 3 hours and 29 minutes.

Conversely, journeys from Bangkok to Hua Hin reveal a similar pattern, with most services departing in the afternoon after 3 pm. A notable suggestion for improved service reliability and convenience emerges—a shuttle service operating between Hua Hin and Bangkok at more opportune times. This publication’s suggestion aims to make rail travel a more attractive and viable option for a broader audience. As Thailand’s railway landscape undergoes transformative changes, the careful consideration of scheduling and passenger needs becomes paramount for the success of this ambitious venture.

Video footage shot in October 2023

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