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Government’s Urgent Agenda: Tourism Safety, Trucking Regulations, and Pork Smuggling in the Spotlight

In a proactive move addressing critical issues, the government recently convened a special meeting to deliberate on tourism safety, trucking regulations, and the escalating concern of pork smuggling. The urgency of these discussions was emphasized as Prime Minister Srettha Taweesin prepared for his participation in the 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in the United States.

Tourism Safety Initiative: The government initiated discussions with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to enhance tourism safety. A slated meeting with the Chinese Embassy aims to establish a joint patrol initiative, drawing inspiration from a successful Italian program. This groundbreaking endeavor anticipates Chinese police involvement in patrols across major and secondary Thai tourist cities. While specific details regarding numbers and locations are pending confirmation, the program is anticipated to significantly elevate the safety of tourists in Thailand.

Crackdown on Trucking Bribery: Addressing the issue of trucking bribery, meetings were held with key stakeholders including the Royal Thai Police, the Ministry of Transport, and the Land Transport Federation of Thailand. Focused on inspecting truck weights on major highways, the discussions centered on thorough inspections on key routes such as Phahonyothin Road, Phet Kasem Road, Sukhumvit Road, Rama 2 Road, and the Asian Highway Network. The Prime Minister stressed the need for stringent action, especially in the aftermath of a recent incident involving a truck displaying a bribe-indicating sticker. The decision was unanimous among all parties to enhance inspection enforcement, aligning with national priorities for road safety.

Crackdown on Pork Smuggling: The government has turned its attention to the pressing issue of pork smuggling. Prime Minister Srettha Taweesin has directed the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to urgently address the matter. Collaborative efforts are underway, with the DSI actively pursuing leads provided by the public regarding potential illegal meat stored in various cold storage facilities nationwide. Coordinated searches are being conducted by the Provincial Police, the Department of Livestock Development, and the Customs Department to curb the illicit trade in pork.

These decisive actions underscore the government’s commitment to ensuring public safety, securing national interests, and fostering a transparent and accountable governance structure. As the Prime Minister heads to the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, these initiatives exemplify a dedicated approach to addressing critical concerns affecting the nation’s security and well-being.

Rei Rattey
Author: Rei Rattey

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