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Thailand’s Bold Plan: Boosting Soft Power for 4 Trillion Baht Revenue

In a visionary move, the Thai government has launched an ambitious strategy aimed at leveraging the nation’s ‘soft power’ to propel economic growth. The focal point of this groundbreaking initiative is the establishment of the Thailand Creative Content Agency (THACCA), designed to nurture and showcase Thai creative industries on the world stage.

The cornerstone of this strategy is an extensive training program targeting a staggering 20 million individuals. This comprehensive initiative spans 11 diverse creative sectors, encompassing crucial aspects of Thai culture and economy, including food, sports, festivals, tourism, music, books, movies, games, arts, design, and fashion.

Divided into three pivotal phases, the first 100 days are dedicated to crucial logistical groundwork, including the establishment of registration venues, regulatory amendments, and the hosting of cultural events like the Winter Festival. Following this, the subsequent phase, extending through April, will mark the initiation of the “One Family One Soft Power” (OFOS) project and lay the foundation for THACCA’s establishment. This phase will also feature prominent events such as the Water Festival and a Soft Power Forum.

The ambitious final phase, stretching until October 3, 2024, aims to train one million individuals while coinciding with major cultural showcases, including film and music festivals. This period will also witness intensified efforts to bolster Thailand’s cultural presence in global events.

The strategy unfolds in three key segments: ‘Headwaters’ focuses on training initiatives; ‘Midstream’ is dedicated to developing creative industries; and ‘Downstream’ aims to promote Thailand’s cultural influence worldwide. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shoulders the responsibility of global promotion, while the Ministry of Culture is geared towards extracting significant economic value from these cultural endeavors.

This multifaceted approach not only underscores Thailand’s commitment to nurturing its creative industries but also signals a determined effort to enhance its global soft power, positioning the nation as a cultural force to be reckoned with on the international stage. As this unprecedented initiative unfolds, the eyes of the world are on Thailand, awaiting the transformation of its cultural landscape and the economic opportunities that follow.

Rei Rattey
Author: Rei Rattey

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