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MP Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit Accepts Party Expulsion for Misconduct

In a recent development, Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit, a member of parliament from the Move Forward Party in Bangkok, has taken the commendable step of accepting his expulsion from the party. His expulsion comes in the wake of serious allegations of sexual harassment made by three female staffers during the election campaign. This move signifies Mr. Manpianjit’s acknowledgment of the damage his actions have caused to the party’s reputation, as he humbly expressed in his first interview following the expulsion.

In a heartfelt statement, MP Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit revealed that he was aware of the Move Forward Party’s decision and accepted it with respect and humility. His voice trembled as he admitted his substantial role in tarnishing the party’s image, recognizing the gravity of the situation.

Despite the tumultuous circumstances, Mr. Manpianjit conveyed his desire for the public to continue to place their trust in the Move Forward Party and its remaining MPs. He emphasized that the party’s future, with Pita Limjaroenrat still being a viable candidate for the position of Prime Minister, should not be judged solely by his individual actions.

Taking full responsibility for his actions, Mr. Manpianjit made it clear that the blame should not be attributed to the party as a whole but to himself alone. He urged those who believe in the party’s ideology to continue supporting the Move Forward Party and emphasized the importance of adhering to the law. He also encouraged the public to stay informed about the party’s ongoing efforts, such as the new land allocation bill and proposals regarding the dissolution of the Internal Security Operations Command, underscoring their commitment to social welfare issues.

When asked if he regretted the potential loss of trust and faith in the Move Forward Party among the public, Mr. Manpianjit accepted full responsibility for the situation, emphasizing that the party still upholds its principles and boasts many capable individuals. He urged the public not to engage in a witch-hunt or blame others, reaffirming the party’s unwavering dedication to serving everyone, both within and outside the parliament.

This development marks a significant chapter in the ongoing narrative of the Move Forward Party, as it faces challenges and strives to maintain its commitment to its ideals and principles.

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