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Traffic Safety Summit in Prachuap Khiri Khan

In a recent development, Mr. Khomkrit Charoenpattanasombat, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, took center stage at the opening ceremony of the Central Region Traffic Accident Promotion Center in Prachuap Province. The event, which was attended by a host of prominent individuals and representatives of various government agencies, served as a platform to address and discuss the pressing issue of traffic accidents in the region.

Accompanying Mr. Charoenpattanasombat at this significant gathering were key figures such as Mr. Chisanuwat Maneesrikham, Head of the Traffic Accident Prevention Support Plan for the Central Region, and Dr. Witthaya Chatbanchachai, an expert from the World Health Organization who also holds the position of Chairman of the O.C.O. (Operational Center of Operations). The event unfolded through a Zoom meeting, facilitating a comprehensive dialogue on the current state of traffic accidents and the challenges faced in promoting road safety within the city.

Additionally, the conference featured the valuable insights of Dr. Siriwat Thiptharadol, Dr. Wiwat Rojanapitthayakorn, Advisor to the Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Witthaya Chansena, Director of the Integrated Road Safety Division under the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DPW), and Dr. Danai Ruangson, Vice President of the Public Sector Development Commission, who also serves as the Principal Engineer for Safety Facilitation at the Department of Highways.

The event also drew participation from Mrs. Kongkan Thakhiranyarit, Director of Bureau 10 at the Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation), and Capt. Payungsak Sayamporn, Deputy Commander of Wing 5, who is at the helm of the Provincial Government Department.

The agenda of the day revolved around the exchange of knowledge and experiences to collectively tackle the critical issue of road safety and reduce accidents. Deputy Governor Khomkrit Charoenpattanasombat emphasized the gravity of the situation, pointing to the persistent statistics of accidents on the region’s roads, including the major Phetkasem Road that traverses more than 200 kilometers across the province.

Mr. Charoenpattanasombat emphasized the importance of unity among various sectors in addressing this challenge, underscoring the need for cooperation, knowledge sharing, and a collaborative approach to achieving safer roads in Prachuap Province.

Mr. Chisanuwat Maneesrikham, head of the Central Region Provincial Administrative Organization, highlighted the significance of the event, which aimed to foster an environment of shared learning and experiences in road safety. He stressed the need for creating a network of partners and organizational units dedicated to preventing and reducing road accidents.

The initiative aligns with the Provincial Traffic Accident Prevention Support Plan (S.C.O.), supported by the Health Promotion Foundation, and signifies a coordinated effort between government bodies, the private sector, and local administrative organizations to implement concrete measures for accident prevention across the country.

The event spanned two days, including discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well as site visits to various locations within Prachuap Province to gain a deeper understanding of their operational strategies in promoting road safety. These visits allowed participants to assess the practical application of safety measures and experience them firsthand.

As traffic accidents continue to be a pressing concern, this collaborative effort demonstrates the determination of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and its partners to work collectively, drawing upon the strengths of each department, to enhance road safety and mitigate accidents in the region.

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