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Hua Hin Officials Collaborate to Enhance City Infrastructure

Hua Hin, 24th October 2023 – In a proactive move to enhance the city’s infrastructure, Mr. Noporn Wutthikul, Mayor of Hua Hin City, led a team of key officials including Mr. Kitti Fueangfu, Secretary to the Mayor, Mr. Cheep Suksi, Municipal Council Member, Mr. Klolyut Kuyukham, Director of the Engineering Bureau, and Mr. Kamthorn Khieo-ngam, Director of the Public Works Division, along with their dedicated technician office staff. Their mission: to participate in a field visit in collaboration with the Hua Hin Provincial Electricity Authority, with Mr. Rueangchai Rueang-at, the head of the operations and maintenance department from the Electricity Authority also present.

The focus of this collaborative effort was to streamline communication lines in the city, ensuring more efficient services and improved safety for residents. Specifically, the team worked with communication operators to optimize various lines, including those used for internet and telephone services. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in the daily lives of Hua Hin’s residents, the upgrade of these communication lines is paramount.

One notable aspect of the operation involved the Hua Hin Municipality deploying a backhoe to address the issue of overgrown vegetation and improve the overall landscape. This involved the removal of trees and weeds along both sides of Soi Wat Khao Yai Hua Na 2 to Soi Wat Khao Yai Hua Na 6. The undertaking not only enhances safety but also widens the road area, further contributing to the betterment of Hua Hin’s urban infrastructure.

This collaborative endeavor between Hua Hin City officials and the Provincial Electricity Authority underscores their commitment to improving the city’s services, ensuring the smooth flow of communication, and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. As technology continues to advance, such initiatives are vital to keeping Hua Hin at the forefront of modern urban living.

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