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National Science Museum’s Quest for World-Class Status

The National Science Museum (NSM) is embarking on an ambitious venture to elevate its stature to world-class museum standards. This initiative is not only geared towards transforming the museum into a repository for historical items but also as a source of national pride capable of competing with esteemed international institutions. The Director of NSM, Assistant Professor Rawin Raviwongse, outlined a comprehensive plan encompassing four pivotal domains: exhibitions, educational management, visitor services, and artifact collections. The primary objective is to bridge the science education gap particularly in remote areas, inviting support from the private sector to facilitate this endeavor.

The NSM’s strategic approach is rooted in the desire to democratize access to science education, especially for the youth residing in distant locales. This aligns with the broader goal of stimulating tourism revenue while preserving the nation’s rich historical and scientific heritage. The imminent kick-off of the “Harmony World Puppet Innovation Festival 2023” from November 21 to 26 underscores the museum’s swift action policy. The event, featuring puppetry from over 20 nations, aims to demonstrate the historical roots of ancient puppets as prototypes for modern robotics. Furthermore, the museum has slated a special “Night at the Museum” program and exhibitions centered around the concerning issue of animal extinction later in the year, aiming for a multifaceted engagement with its audience. These initiatives are set to mark a notable stride towards transforming the NSM into an inclusive and globally esteemed institution.

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