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KMUTNB to Launch KNACKSAT-2 Satellite: A Technological Triumph Awaits

King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) is poised to embark on a remarkable journey into the realms of space with the imminent launch of its second satellite, aptly named KNACKSAT-2. This groundbreaking announcement underscores KMUTNB’s unwavering commitment to harnessing the wealth of knowledge harbored within its academic walls for tangible applications in the ever-evolving business sector.

The man behind this visionary initiative is none other than Prof. Dr. Somrerk Chandraamporn, the Vice President for Research and Development of Information Technology at KMUTNB. His resounding declaration resonates with the institution’s profound dedication to technology and innovation. KMUTNB seeks to unleash the potential of its intellectual assets, foster human resource development, and forge robust collaborative partnerships with the private sector.

What sets the KNACKSAT-2 Satellite apart is its remarkable journey of inception and development. Crafted with over 90% indigenous resources and bolstered by Thai expertise, this extraordinary satellite boasts a multifaceted mission. It will serve as the watchful eye of Thai railways, monitoring their positions and speeds from the vantage point of space. Furthermore, KNACKSAT-2 will engage in a compelling exploration of high-resolution space photography and delve into radiation shielding technology’s intricate web, with profound implications for electronic systems.

A groundbreaking departure from conventional satellite launches, KNACKSAT-2 will not ride the fiery plume of a rocket into space. Instead, it is destined to embark on a celestial voyage of a different sort, journeying to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a spacecraft. Here, astronauts will oversee the satellite’s release into Earth’s celestial embrace, with this historic launch scheduled for the early months of 2024.

As the KNACKSAT-2 Satellite embarks on its celestial sojourn, the wealth of data it accrues from its myriad missions will be transmitted back to Earth. A dedicated ground station at the university stands ready to receive and interpret this valuable trove of information, marking a remarkable leap forward in Thailand’s space exploration endeavors.

Author: phacharaphonk

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