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Pheu Thai Party Unveils Ambitious 10,000 Baht Digital Wallet Stipend Policy

In a significant development during the latest weekly meeting of the Pheu Thai Party, the spotlight was on their groundbreaking policy proposal: a 10,000 baht stipend for exligible citizens, to be distributed via a digital wallet. This eagerly anticipated initiative is slated for launch in the early part of the coming year.

The topic generated a flurry of discussions, as one of the party’s Members of Parliament raised questions about the progress and implementation timeline of this policy. This line of inquiry resonated with the widespread anticipation among the public, with many expressing an ardent desire for swift execution.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Julapun Amornvivat, took the floor to address the concerns and queries that had permeated the public discourse. He underlined the government’s earnest consideration of all feedback, be it in favor of or opposition to the proposed policy. At present, public sentiment remains divided, with some advocating for the policy’s expeditious enactment, while others advocate for prudence and caution in its implementation.

Amornvivat stressed the necessity of propelling Thailand’s economic growth to align with its vast potential and ensure the well-being of its citizens. Although the 10,000 baht digital wallet stipend holds a pivotal role in this overarching vision, it is by no means the sole solution. The government has an array of complementary plans aimed at reducing citizens’ expenses, stimulating tourism, and dismantling restrictive laws that hinder livelihoods and professional pursuits.

Deputy Minister Julapun urged Pheu Thai Party MPs to elucidate the policy’s role as an economic stimulus, ensuring the enhancement of citizens’ quality of life and financial well-being. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of dispelling misconceptions regarding the source of funds for this initiative. Contrary to some speculations, the digital currency remains tethered to the Thai baht, signifying that every digital baht in the wallet is firmly backed by actual Thai baht, thereby averting any currency value fluctuations or profit-seeking opportunities. Essentially, it functions as a voucher equivalent to 10,000 baht, with specific terms and conditions clearly outlined within the voucher itself.

Author: phacharaphonk

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