Bangkok Comedy Club Founder Chris Wegoda Talks Comedy in Hua Hin, Featuring Dwayne Perkins at The Standard Hotel

Following is an interview featuring Chris Wegoda, the brain behind Bangkok Comedy Club. During this discussion, he sheds light on the upcoming comedy event at The Standard Hotel on October 5th, featuring Brooklyn native Dwayne Perkins. Additionally, Chris shares his motivations for fostering the comedy scene in Thailand, including his endeavors in promoting comedy in Hua Hin.

Chris, why are you bringing comedy to Hua Hin?

Why not! Who doesn’t like to laugh? Live comedy is a form of entertainment (and art) which many expats may have thought they left behind but no we’re bringing the laughs all over the Thailand including Hua Hin. Furthermore Thais are being increasingly to a more Western style of comedy via Netflix, Youtube and so forth. Every time we do a show in Hua Hin, we always get so much appreciation and that they want more!

What will attract the people of Hua Hin to Dwayne, why should people go see him?

He’s funny. Really funny, he’s respected as one of the best comics out there. He’s got a Netflix special, been on Comedy Central, Dry Bar, the late night TV shows, like Conan, Stephen Colbert and all for good reason! Last time we had about 100 people come out to see Dwayne and he’s got a bunch of new material.

Why are your events in hotels such as The Standard?

The Standard approached us as they want to do fun events, and what could be more fun than comedy? They also have a nice, clean event space that we are tailoring for comedy. They also are geared towards a wide age range young to older and are kind enough to take care of accodomodation which is very much appreciated!

What are you looking to achieve, do you think comedy will work in Hua Hin?

It’s been working or we wouldn’t keep coming back! But in short, I can personally say I’m blessed to be in a profession that’s aim is to make people laugh. People can be having a rough day, a rough week or more but for the course of the show their woes and tribulations are put aside. It’s a wonderful, warm and human experience. Of course we need to pay everyone and put food on the table so it’s a business, but that’s what the business of shows is all about – showbusiness! 5.

Tell us about your bigger vision for comedy in Thailand and Asia

To continue and grow, we’ve done several large ballroom / theatre shows. Jimmy Carr, Jim Jefferies, Eddie Izzard, Jim Gaffigan etc, and certainly that’s the big business side to develop that network of shows over Asia. But as comedians we also just love to get on stage, connect and seeing everyone’s laughing faces, well mostly everyone!

Date: October 5, 2023 l 8PM – 10PM

Tickets are available at &

THB 500 for Limited Early Bird Tickets

THB 600 for Advance Discount Tickets

THB 800 for At Door Price

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