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Thai Smile Bus Company Accelerates Green Fleet Expansion

Miss Gulapatsa Wongmajarnyotha, the Chief Executive Officer of Thai Smile Bus Company, a prominent advocate of clean energy in public transportation, recently unveiled extensive plans for the acquisition of 1,083 additional electric buses to augment the company’s bus fleet. Over a diligent two-year tenure, the company has made substantial efforts to upgrade their passenger buses, envisioning an environmentally conscious, pollution-free, and air-conditioned travel experience. This forward-thinking initiative not only aims to enhance public travel standards but also aligns with the company’s commitment to serve the community while mitigating PM2.5 particulate matter in urban areas.

Presently, Thai Smile Bus Company operates an extensive fleet of 2,500 buses, including 2,017 electric and 483 natural gas vehicles, traversing a network of 123 authorized routes designated by the Department of Land Transport, Ministry of Transport. This provision has significantly improved the quality of transportation and positively impacted the livelihoods of over 3,000 employees.

Looking ahead, the company’s proactive approach involves the procurement of an additional 1,083 electric buses to meet a target of 3,100 buses, an ambitious strategy set to amplify travel efficiency across diverse regions. Their vision includes a complete integration of electric buses within the upcoming year, a vital transition pivotal in the reduction of carbon emissions, equating to planting nearly 24.8 million trees annually, effectively offsetting up to 248,000 tons of carbon credits.

In addressing the growing demand for the Hop Card, the company acknowledges certain availability limitations at various sales points. Thai Smile Bus Company has significantly expanded its distribution channels through the Line Official Account “THAISMILEBUS,” Facebook pages “ไทยสมายล์บัส” and “ไทยสมายล์โบ้ท,” in addition to bus hostels. Furthermore, strategic collaborations with online platforms like Shopee and Lazada have made purchasing Hop Cards more convenient for passengers. The introduction of the “Daily Max Fare” promotion enables passengers to enjoy a full day of travel at a capped price not exceeding 40 baht, encouraging economical transportation solutions within the city. Additionally, an attractive bundled travel option integrating both bus and rail is now available at a budget-friendly rate of only 50 baht.

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