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Heated Confrontation Erupts at Samui Airport: Minibus Driver Shoots Grab Driver

A heated dispute at Samui International Airport in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani recently unfolded, transforming the otherwise tranquil passenger terminal into a scene reminiscent of a Western movie. The incident involved a minibus driver and a Grab driver, and its dramatic turn of events left travelers in shock and authorities scrambling to investigate.

Bophut Police Station officers swiftly responded to the scene, situated in the airport’s arrival passenger terminal parking area, where the confrontation had taken place. The victim, identified as a 30-year-old named Boy, had already been rushed to Bangkok Samui Hospital due to gunshot wounds before the police arrived.

As investigators combed through the area, they uncovered three bullet shells and traces of blood near the parking fee collection counter, grim reminders of the violent clash. Witnesses at the scene recounted the shocking events that had unfolded.

According to their accounts, the alleged gunman, a 50-year-old named Pathom, had previously been known as a generally benevolent figure, even contributing as a rescue volunteer. However, on the day of the incident, Pathom had reportedly confronted Boy, urging him to cease soliciting passengers within the terminal. He suggested that Boy wait outside, as the designated area was intended exclusively for minibus drivers.

The confrontation escalated rapidly, with Boy reportedly striking Pathom in the face. In response, Pathom retreated to his minibus, retrieved a firearm, and fired multiple shots at Boy. The injured victim attempted to flee the scene but collapsed near the parking fee collection counter, while Pathom made a hasty escape.

It was revealed that Pathom and Boy had a history of disputes, which had been previously mediated by authorities but continued to resurface persistently.

The incident at Samui International Airport serves as a reminder of the measures in place at airports across Thailand to prevent conflicts among various service providers and to ensure passenger convenience. Typically, airports in the country designate specific areas for taxis, minibuses, and app-based ride services. For example, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the first-floor parking area is exclusively reserved for taxis, while app-based services like Grab advise their users to opt for pickup locations outside the passenger terminal on the fourth and second floors.

In a separate development, Phuket International Airport recently permitted Grab drivers to pick up passengers within the airport premises, starting on September 1. The airport authorities indicated their intentions to extend such privileges to drivers from other ride-hailing applications as well, in a bid to enhance passenger service options.

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