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Sea Turtles’ Triumph on Koh Tao’s Shores

Reporters have brought forth the account of a remarkable event that unfolded on a balmy night in the serene enclave of Koh Tao, as members of the Koh Tao Conservation Club, situated in the heart of the Koh Phangan District, received an urgent communication from the Tao Thong Resort at Sai Nuan Beach, nestled within Village No. 2. The report had a compelling tale to tell—a tale of newfound hope for the endangered sea turtle population.

The message conveyed to the conservationists was nothing short of extraordinary: baby turtles, hailing from the very first clutch of eggs laid by a maternal turtle named “Thongdee,” were embarking on their journey into the vast ocean. Thongdee, a noble matriarch, had chosen the sandy shores of Sai Nuan Beach as the cradle for her offspring.

Swiftly responding to this unique call to action, the Koh Tao Conservation Club mobilized their forces, engaging marine biologists and enlisting the assistance of concerned locals from Tsuchiya. What they encountered was a heartwarming spectacle—more than ten baby turtles had already embarked on their maiden voyage into the sea. Resort staff members, quick to recognize the significance of the moment, had lent a hand by placing some of the tiny travelers into tanks, ensuring they were primed and ready for their imminent oceanic odyssey.

In a collective effort, a marine biologist and dedicated club members guided 29 baby turtles from Thongdee’s nest, escorting them safely into the embrace of the sea. The task was not without its challenges; high tides and robust winds added an element of unpredictability to the process. Sadly, one of the hatchlings showed signs of frailty. Consulting with a veterinarian from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (TCR), it was determined that the young turtle should be observed overnight, with hopes that it would regain its strength and join its peers at sea the following day.

Once the tide had receded, and the hatchlings ventured into the open water, the entire team meticulously inspected Thongdee’s nest. Their goal was clear: to ensure no precious turtle remained entangled within the confines of the nest.

Mrs. Ramluek Asawachin, President of the Koh Turtle Conservation Club, expressed her elation over the remarkable event. She revealed that Thongdee, the venerable mother turtle, was the first to grace the island with her presence this year. The inspection of the nest yielded a tally of 42 hatched eggshells, alongside three regrettably spoiled eggs and one incomplete one, summing up to a total of 46 eggs. The entire process was conducted under the watchful guidance of a team of experts from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (TCR), who meticulously supervised each step of this natural marvel.

Reflecting on the unique circumstances surrounding the nesting site, Mrs. Ramluek Asawachin noted, “Hole 1 exhibits a peculiar topography, with numerous broken corals and shells firming up the sandy bed. This, in turn, may impede the turtles’ ability to dig and escape from their nests. Expert intervention was necessary, involving the gentle removal of sand that concealed the eggs, yet allowing the hatchlings to emerge naturally. We remain optimistic that more turtles will grace our shores in the future, a testament to the pristine ecological conditions that prevail in the Koh Tao region.”

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