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Sattahip Police Bust Yaka Pool Villa Party: Dozens Detained in Teen Gathering Crackdown

In a recent operation that marked a stern stance against unlawful activities, Sattahip police orchestrated a decisive raid on a party held at the Yaka Pool Villa. The event took place on a day when a festive atmosphere was overshadowed by concerns about public safety and adherence to the law. The raid, which took place on an afternoon in August, resulted in the detention of 52 teenagers on charges ranging from drug possession to firearm-related offenses.

The operation, led by Pol. Col. Panya Dumlek, Sattahip Police Superintendent, in collaboration with Pol. Lt. Col. Suwichak Ruangnuamdee and Pol Lt. Chanatat Nawakhunrangsi, deputy superintendents of Sattahip Police Station, commenced with more than 30 officers cordoning off a pool villa situated in the Moo 4 area of Sattahip Subdistrict, Chonburi Province. The impetus for the raid came from complaints regarding the disturbance caused by the gathering: blaring music, street congestion due to parked vehicles, and an apparent disregard for public order.

The exterior search, extended to the roadside as well, revealed an assembly of over 23 luxury cars that had contributed to the traffic obstruction. Upon entering the premises, the authorities found 52 teenagers, a mix of 29 young men and 23 women, engrossed in an array of activities including gambling and DJ-hosted revelry. Swift action was taken to apprehend the individuals amidst their merrymaking.

In a subsequent search of the surroundings, the police discovered a cache of firearms. Among the confiscated items were 7 automatic cylinders of various calibers, including 9mm and .45 sizes. Additionally, gambling paraphernalia and equipment associated with substance abuse were seized, alongside a quantity of ketamine.

The raid garnered the attention of Pol. Col. Chatri Suksiri, Deputy Commander of Police, Chonburi Province, and Mr. Chusak Nantithanthada, Senior Permanent Secretary of Sattahip District, as well as local officials including the village headman of Bang Saray. The collective group conducted an inspection of the area, signaling a unified stance against such unlawful gatherings.

As the legal process unfolds, the apprehended teenagers will undergo thorough criminal background checks and drug screening to determine the extent of their involvement in the unlawful activities. The incident serves as a stark reminder that public safety and adherence to the law remain paramount, and authorities are resolute in upholding these principles within the community.

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