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DLT’s Innovative Tax Payment System Rakes in Over 7 Billion Baht in 10 Months

In an impressive feat of fiscal achievement, the Department of Land Transport (DLT) has unveiled its triumphant collection of more than 7 billion baht in annual vehicle tax over the course of the initial ten months of the present fiscal year. The resounding success of this endeavor is attributed to the seamless implementation of a user-friendly “from anywhere” tax payment system.

According to the latest report from the DLT, a staggering 5.5 million vehicle proprietors facilitated tax payments spanning from October of the previous year to July, resulting in a substantial total revenue of 7.64 billion baht.

The gamut of vehicle tax payment encompasses fees essential for both the annual renewal of vehicle registration and the initiation of registration for novel vehicles. Evidencing a paradigm shift in modern convenience, the favored conduits for making these payments include the DLT website and the DLT Vehicle Tax application. In tandem with these digital avenues, the brick-and-mortar convenience stores’ counter services, alongside the mPay application and the TrueMoney wallet system, have also emerged as popular channels for settling tax dues.

A discernible surge in the utilization of online platforms has surfaced as individuals eagerly embrace the expeditious route to renew their vehicle registrations and fulfill their tax responsibilities. This surge is further spurred by the desire to circumvent the labyrinthine queues that have become synonymous with DLT offices.

While a significant chunk of the annual payments has been transacted via digital means, the DLT’s five offices situated in Bangkok have also played a pivotal role in processing payments during the initial ten-month stretch of the fiscal year.

For those who opt for the DLT Vehicle Tax application as their payment portal, a successful culmination of the payment procedure bestows upon them the option to receive their renewed vehicle registration sticker and receipt through the mail, or alternatively, they can make a personal visit to a DLT office and utilize a tax kiosk to print the sticker. This blend of digital proficiency and tangible flexibility underscores the DLT’s commitment to modernizing and optimizing the vehicle tax payment experience.

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