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Thai Customs Unveils State-of-the-Art Center for Training Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Samut Sakhon, Thailand – August 21, 2023 – The Thai Customs Department has taken a significant stride in its battle against drug trafficking with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art training center designed to prepare highly proficient sniffer dogs. The facility, strategically situated within the confines of Nong Prue sub-district in Samut Sakhon, signals the dawn of a dynamic partnership between specialized officers and canines devoted to thwarting the illegal movement of narcotics through key transit points such as airports and postal facilities.

Nestled against the backdrop of the serene Nong Prue landscape, the new training grounds encompass a modern office complex, a dedicated dog shelter offering comfort and care, an expansive indoor training arena for honing detection skills, and a sprawling grassy expanse tailored for rigorous outdoor exercises.

At the heart of this ambitious initiative are two stalwart Labrador Retrievers, Kanun and Durian, generously bestowed upon Thailand by the Korea Customs Service as a poignant emblem of cross-border cooperation. A profound commitment to jointly enhance the fight against narcotics trafficking and other unlawful contraband unites the customs agencies of both nations. Embarking on a journey of symbiotic learning, two Thai officers embarked on a rigorous three-month training sojourn in South Korea, alongside their canine companions, prior to returning to their homeland for further refinement. Remarkably, Kanun and Durian have swiftly ascended the rungs of proficiency, showcasing exceptional aptitude during their training.

In an official statement, Mr. Patchara Anantasilp, the Director General of the Customs Department, emphasized the invaluable collaborative efforts that have galvanized customs agencies around the world, with a special commendation for South Korea. The Korean Customs Service’s generous endowment of two exemplary sniffer dogs and a comprehensive training curriculum stands as a testament to the profound camaraderie existing between the two nations.

With unwavering resolve, the Thai Customs Department is poised to amplify the ranks of its K-9 unit, targeting the recruitment of 6 to 10 officers who will be meticulously stationed at strategic nodes such as airports and postal precincts. Armed with a mastery of detection techniques and guided by the impeccable instincts of their canine counterparts, this corps of officers is primed to interdict the clandestine movement of illicit drugs and substances.

As the Thai Customs Department forges ahead with its relentless pursuit of security, this pioneering training center stands as an emblem of proactive measures taken to safeguard the nation’s borders and uphold the values of lawfulness and integrity.

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