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Thailand Targets 30M Visitors, 2.3 Trillion Baht Tourism Revenue in 2023

In a resolute stride towards revitalizing its tourism sector, Thailand is poised to embrace a projected influx of up to 30 million international visitors this year, fueled by an ardent aspiration to secure an annual revenue totaling 2.3 trillion baht.

Forecasts emanating from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) are anchored in an estimative range spanning between 28 and 30 million overseas tourists. With resounding determination, Yuthasak Supasorn, the esteemed Governor of TAT, divulged that the revenue pinnacle aimed for stands at 2.38 trillion baht—a compelling figure that encompasses approximately 80% of the resplendent revenue record etched in 2019, which tallied an impressive 3 trillion baht.

Commendably, Thailand has already played host to an impressive tally of 15 million international visitors within the confines of this year, thus outshining the corresponding figure from the preceding year, which had settled at 11 million. The impetus for this notable surge can be attributed to an encouraging surge in arrivals from China, which has surged from the monthly average of 300,000 during the initial half of the year (January to June), to an impressive 400,000 in the month of July alone.

Laying forth a strategic vision, the TAT anticipates an imminent revival in the flow of visitors from Europe and the Americas, particularly ripening in October—bringing respite and redemption after the lull of the low tourism season.

On the domestic front, an audacious wave of special holidays recently unfurled has kindled a fervent swell in the realm of domestic tourism. This surge translates to a remarkable statistic, with domestic excursions surging to a magnitude of 20-25 million voyages each month. TAT, ever tenacious in its ambitions, steers this trajectory toward a steadfast goal, with sights set firmly on the ultimate benchmark of 117-135 million domestic journeys annually.

With indomitable spirit, TAT shall persistently harness the persuasive might of Thailand’s soft power assets to propel the grand machinery of Thai tourism. This unswerving endeavor is meticulously tailored to ensure that the cherished quotas of tourist footfalls, both international and domestic, are elegantly met.

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