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TAT’s Amazing Organic Trips: Sustainable Tourism Unveiled with Organic Farming and Low-Carbon Experiences

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is actively promoting sustainable and high-value tourism through its ‘Amazing Organic Trip’ project. This initiative focuses on organic farming activities, healthy gourmet experiences, and low-carbon footprint initiatives, aligning with TAT’s goal of fostering responsible and sustainable tourism in Thailand.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, the TAT Governor, emphasizes the integration of sustainable tourism and responsible travel within the concept of community-based tourism. The project aims to highlight the significance of traveling responsibly and strengthen the connections between agriculture and tourism, two fundamental pillars of Thailand’s economy.

The ‘Amazing Organic Trip’ routes were initially introduced in Chiang Mai and Phuket. These routes are developed in collaboration with partners such as the Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA), Thai Organic Consumer Association (TOCA), SiamRise Travel, FIND FOLK, Golfdigg, and local tourism communities.

In Chiang Mai, the trip spotlights the Mae Tha Community in Mae On District, renowned for its three-generation history of organic farming. Tourists can gain insights into the community’s organic agricultural practices, which prioritize environmental protection, the preservation of community forests and water resources, as well as the vital role the community plays in supplying organic produce to local shops and restaurants.

The Chiang Mai trip offers cooking classes featuring healthy dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients. A gourmet experience named the ‘Chef’s Table with the PM2.5 Reduction Menu’ includes dishes like grilled fish with local vegetables, fish-based chili paste, spicy local vegetable salad, deep-fried organic baby corn, mixed vegetable soup, and organic sweet potatoes – all made from local produce.

In Phuket, the ‘Amazing Organic Trip’ focuses on the Ban Bang Rong community, Mai Khao Community, and Phuket’s Old Town. Tourists have the opportunity to learn about organic cultivation of pineapple, rubber, and coconut. Additionally, they can engage in unique activities such as ‘sand spa’ therapy, exploring the local ‘Linharn’ herb conservation, and attempting to catch ‘sand crabs or sea cicadas,’ which indicate the area’s pristine ecosystem.

A carbon-neutral walking tour in Phuket’s Old Town combines Sino-European architecture and culture with cooking lessons and local gourmet experiences. A special ‘Community Economic Recovery Menu’ has been crafted, featuring dishes like lotus petals salad with Phuket’s GI-certified pineapple, grilled sea cicadas with kumquat, coconut milk curry with Dollfus’ octopus, deep-fried ‘Linharn’ herb, and sashimi with spicy grape seaweed salad – all using locally sourced ingredients.

Mr. Yuthasak highlights that participating in these organic trips allows tourists to contribute to reducing their personal carbon footprint. For instance, a carbon-neutral walking tour in Phuket’s Old Town is a sustainable tourism activity. Opting for food based on organic products and locally sourced ingredients helps minimize greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation and imports.

In conclusion, the ‘Amazing Organic Trip’ project by the Tourism Authority of Thailand promotes sustainable and responsible tourism by emphasizing organic farming, healthy gourmet experiences, and low-carbon initiatives in collaboration with local communities and partners.

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