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Tourism Surges During Mother’s Day Celebrations in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

August 14, 2023 – In a recent announcement by Mr. Achawan Kongkanan, the Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at the Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, it was revealed that the region experienced a notable influx of tourists during the recent Mother’s Day holiday. The surge in visitors was observed not only in the popular Hua Hin District and its picturesque beachfront, but also across all 8 districts of the area.

Of particular interest to tourists were the captivating tourism promotion activities centered around conquering the towering Khao Lom Muak, which stands at a majestic 902 feet within Wing 5 of Mueang Prachuap District. The event spanned a remarkable 3-day stretch, commencing from August 12 and concluding on August 14.

Since the event’s commencement, approximately 600 enthusiastic tourists have expressed keen interest in participating. A majority of these adventurers have journeyed from Bangkok and the central region, drawn by the allure of ascending steep cliffs to behold the breathtaking panorama of Prachuap Khiri Khan’s pristine coastal scenery, including the scenic bays of Ao Manao, Ao Prachuap, and Ao Noi. Not to be forgotten are the charming clusters of both small and large islands dotting the seascape.

However, the prevailing heatwave has posed its challenges, resulting in a slightly subdued turnout compared to previous instances of conquering Khao Lom Muak. The occurrence of a preceding 6-day holiday period also played a role in tempering the overall tourist numbers.

On location, dedicated staff members were on hand to ensure smooth facilitation and provide participants with certificates of conquest upon reaching the summit of Khao Lam Hat. This certificate serves as a cherished memento, commemorating a once-in-a-lifetime achievement for these adventurous travelers.

Coinciding with the event’s thrill and accomplishment, participating tourists took the opportunity to pay homage at the revered Khao Lom Hat Shrine. This sacred site also serves as a feeding ground for the southern langurs, notably the endearing mascot “Nong Nur,” a symbolic representation of Prachuap Province’s rich heritage and natural charm.

Author: phacharaphonk

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