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Relief Efforts and Aid Pour In for Narathiwat Explosion Victims

Narathiwat, August 15, 2023 – Two weeks following the tragic explosion at a fireworks warehouse in the Muno market community of Sungai-Kolok district, Narathiwat, the region continues to rally together in support of the affected residents. The catastrophe has elicited an outpouring of goodwill, as monetary contributions for the victims’ relief efforts have now exceeded an impressive 30 million baht. Responding to this wave of generosity, local authorities have taken decisive action, forming a committee to meticulously oversee the utilization of these funds.

Distinguished figures, including Narathiwat provincial governor Sanan Phongaksorn, convened in a crucial meeting of the committee exclusively assembled to manage the donations designated for the explosion and fire victims in Muno. After careful deliberation, the committee has endorsed the allocation of funds to address four vital areas of concern.

Topping the list is the allocation of 20 million baht earmarked for the expedited restoration of residences belonging to the individuals who bore the brunt of the disaster. This financial support stands at the core of the donation initiative, as it seeks to restore a semblance of normalcy to those whose lives have been shattered.

The committee, bearing the responsibility of wisely distributing the contributions, subsequently greenlit a disbursement of 4.7 million baht to the affected families. Depending on the size of each household, financial assistance was provided in tiers: 5,000 baht for households with 1-3 members, 8,000 baht for those with 4-6 members, and 10,000 baht for families comprising 7 or more members.

Further funds amounting to 1.5 million baht were allocated for the procurement of essential construction materials, while 7,500 baht was set aside to cover the transportation costs for the body of a deceased victim to Lopburi.

Collectively, a sum of 25.7 million baht has been allocated for these initiatives. It is important to note that any disbursement of funds from the donation account must adhere to the meticulous criteria established by the vetting committee and must bear the signature of approval from the Narathiwat governor.

The 20 million baht allocated for housing repairs will be combined with an additional 14 million baht that had previously been approved for repairs through state funding. In a bid to provide further assistance, the Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) will extend 3,000 baht per month to each impacted household requiring rental support. However, the provincial administration is actively seeking supplementary aid from the Office of the Prime Minister, recognizing that this initial allocation may be insufficient to cover rental costs.

As of August 10, the evening hours saw the total contributions to the “Money for Assistance of Muno Disaster Victims” account amass a noteworthy sum of 30.666 million baht. Generous individuals keen on lending their support can channel their donations to Krung Thai Bank account number 905-3-66122-0. This dedicated account, managed by the Krung Thai Bank Narathiwat branch, stands as the sole official channel for contributions established by local authorities.

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