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National Mother’s Day Long Weekend Witnesses Decrease in Domestic Travel Amidst Inflation and Other Factors

As the National Mother’s Day long weekend approaches, Thais are projected to embark on approximately 2.6 million domestic journeys, contributing to an estimated revenue of around 8.76 billion baht. However, this figure reflects a decline from the same period in the previous year, attributed primarily to the impact of inflation and a confluence of diverse factors.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), conveyed that authorities are anticipating a reduction in domestic travel during this extended weekend. This cautious outlook stems from the fact that a significant portion of the Thai population had already undertaken trips during the preceding six-day holiday at the conclusion of July. The forthcoming weekend expeditions are anticipated to predominantly encompass day outings to proximate locales, consequently leading to diminished expenditures on lodging accommodations and tourist-centric services.

In line with the TAT’s projections, a recent survey conducted by the Tourism Council of Thailand corroborated the expectation of reduced travel activity. The survey indicated that 23% of respondents intended to confine their travels within the confines of their province. Additionally, approximately 21% expressed intentions of overnight stays in neighboring provinces, while nearly 20% aimed to partake in day excursions to more distant destinations.

Meanwhile, statistics from the Tourism Authority of Thailand revealed that Bangkok emerged as the premier domestic travel destination during the extended holiday period spanning from July 28 to August 2. The city recorded an impressive tally of over 600,000 trips, contributing to a substantial tourism revenue amounting to 3.13 billion baht. Following suit, the eastern region garnered the second-highest number of visitors, accommodating 367,190 trips and amassing a revenue of 1.34 billion baht. The northern provinces secured the third spot, hosting 290,350 visits and generating an impressive revenue of 1.11 billion baht.

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