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Government Readies Contingency Plan for Thaksin’s Return

In a recent development, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam has unveiled a meticulous contingency plan in anticipation of the potential homecoming of the fugitive former prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. The revelation underscores the government’s proactive stance in addressing the intricate legal dimensions that could arise should Thaksin decide to return to Thai soil to face impending legal proceedings.

Wissanu highlighted the comprehensive measures that have been undertaken by various concerned authorities, including the judiciary and the Department of Corrections, to ensure a seamless and efficient handling of the situation upon Thaksin’s return. This strategic readiness aims to facilitate a smooth transition into the judicial process, while ensuring adherence to due process and the rule of law.

In a bid to streamline the legal proceedings and ensure an unobstructed course of action, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu proffered a specific request directed towards Thaksin. He urged the former premier to avoid scheduling his return during weekends or public holidays, elucidating the intricacies of the judicial machinery that could pose logistical challenges during these periods. Wissanu cited the operational constraints of the courts responsible for designating an appropriate detention facility for Thaksin, emphasizing that these crucial institutions might observe limited functionality on such days.

Thaksin Shinawatra, who has been in self-imposed exile for a prolonged period, recently disclosed his intention to make a triumphant return to his homeland on August 10. However, this eagerly awaited comeback has been momentarily deferred, owing to medical reasons. Thaksin’s medical advisors recommended comprehensive health assessments, prompting him to postpone his reentry to a later date. This is not the first time Thaksin has delayed his return, having previously deferred his plans on multiple occasions.

The former prime minister’s years of voluntary absence have been marked by a series of legal entanglements. Notably, he has incurred a cumulative prison sentence of 12 years across four distinct cases, as decreed by the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Office. These legal challenges have undeniably contributed to his extended stay outside the national boundaries.

As the specter of Thaksin’s potential return continues to cast its shadow, the government’s strategic preparations and Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu’s explicit call for strategic timing underscore the intricate interplay between legal proceedings and logistical considerations. The nation watches with bated breath as this high-stakes legal saga unfolds, bearing the potential to reshape the political landscape of Thailand.

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