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Bhumjaithai Party Joins Forces with Pheu Thai to Forge New Government Path in Thailand

Bangkok, August 7th – In a bid to break the lingering political deadlock that has gripped Thailand for more than two months since the elections, the Bhumjaithai Party announced its decision on Monday to join forces with the Pheu Thai Party-led alliance to establish a new government. This move is aimed at addressing pressing national issues and ending the current state of political impasse.

At a joint press conference held earlier today, Cholnan Srikaew, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, revealed that both parties have successfully garnered substantial support from over half of the members in the House of Representatives. However, they are now actively seeking additional backing from fellow Members of Parliament (MPs) and senators to ensure a successful formation of the government.

The urgency of the situation cannot be understated. Cholnan Srikaew emphasized the severity of the challenges confronting the nation and stressed that any further delay in establishing a government could exacerbate the existing problems. He underscored the importance of expediently forming a new administration, asserting that a swift government formation is key to promptly addressing the country’s myriad issues.

This collaborative step comes as the Pheu Thai Party strategically forges a new coalition following its exit from the eight-party alliance. The previous coalition’s attempts to secure vital support during the past two bicameral sessions of the Thai parliament faltered, leading to the failure to nominate Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of the Move Forward Party, for the prime ministerial role.

In the recent general elections held in May, both the Pheu Thai Party and the Bhumjaithai Party emerged as significant players, securing the second and third largest share of seats in the lower house of the National Assembly, respectively.

Notably, the Thai parliament made the decision last week to postpone the crucial vote for selecting a new prime minister. This delay stems from a pending court verdict concerning the contentious issue of Pita Limjaroenrat’s rejected renomination. As of now, an alternative date for the selection process has yet to be confirmed.

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