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Hua Hin Airport Nears International Flight Readiness

In a significant development for Hua Hin Airport, Mr. Rattapol Charoenpol, the airport director, recently disclosed the latest progress on the airport’s ambitious development plan. Situated in the picturesque province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, the airport has been making strides towards meeting international aviation standards.

One of the critical improvements undertaken as part of the development plan is the extension of the runway. The runway has now been upgraded to meet aviation standards, measuring an impressive 2,100 meters in length and 60 meters in width, inclusive of shoulders. This enhancement allows the airport to accommodate larger aircraft like the Airbus A320, opening up new possibilities for international flight operations.

To ensure seamless international flight operations at Hua Hin Airport, a comprehensive flight study is underway, specifically targeting airports with physical constraints. The study, scheduled for completion within this year, involves consultations with various airlines to conduct aviation assessments. The objective is to understand the physical requirements and potential risks associated with international flights at the airport. Subsequently, a comprehensive report will be prepared and submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand for review and consideration of licensing international flights.

Safety standards in and around the airport are also a top priority in the development plan. In line with this, a concurrent effort to enhance safety measures in the airport’s vicinity is in motion. While the contractor for the project has already been selected through a meticulous bidding process, the official contract signing is yet to take place. The Department of Airports is diligently presenting the proposal to the Ministry of Transport for consideration and subsequent submission to the Budget Office.

Once the contract is inked, the 600-day project will be executed in multiple phases. The initial phase involves expanding the width of the tunnel on Petchkasem Road by 20 meters both upwards and downwards to meet the required safety zone standards surrounding the runway. Following this, the width of the train tunnel at the end of the runway will be widened, and the surrounding areas will be filled and expanded to align with the stringent safety standards set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The successful completion of these safety enhancements will pave the way for Hua Hin Airport to accommodate international flights, a milestone that promises to boost the local economy significantly. The airport’s upgraded infrastructure will attract more travelers to the region, leading to increased tourism, business opportunities, and overall economic growth.

In conclusion, the ongoing development and expansion efforts at Hua Hin Airport exemplify the Thai government’s commitment to bolstering its aviation sector and fostering international connectivity. As the project unfolds, all eyes are on Hua Hin Airport, eagerly awaiting the day when it spreads its wings to welcome the world.

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