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Friday, September 29, 2023

Maya Bay and Loh Samah Bay on Phi Phi Islands Closed for Ecological Restoration

The famous tourist destinations, Maya Bay and Loh Samah Bay on Phi Phi Islands, have announced a closure of two months to allow nature to rehabilitate. Natural park officials have issued warnings to tourists regarding rough seas during the rainy period.

The closure, effective from 1 August to 30 September, aims to facilitate ecological restoration and ensure the safety of visitors during the challenging weather conditions, which include heavy rainfall and rough seas.

Tourists are strictly prohibited from entering the area during this period, and boat operators are advised to take necessary precautionary measures.

Red flags have been placed at piers and marine attractions by national park officials to signal warnings, and tour operators are instructed to exercise caution during these days.

Noah Gallix
Author: Noah Gallix

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