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Disaster Strikes at Tham Phra Waterfall: Tourists Rescued from Flash Floods

BUENG KAN PROVINCE, August 1, 4:00 p.m. – What began as a joyous day for many tourists at the scenic Tham Phra Waterfall turned into a nightmare as a sudden deluge of rain triggered a flash flood, putting lives in danger. The incident occurred at Sokkam Sub-district, Seka District, Bueng Kan Province, where tourists were frolicking in the water amidst a vibrant atmosphere, unaware of the impending disaster.

As the rain intensified, concerned staff members from the Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary rushed to the scene, urging the tourists to cease their water activities and gather their belongings from the Khao Phu Wua area. The staff feared that wild water might surge down from the hills, posing a serious threat to the tourists’ safety.

Unfortunately, their worst fears came to pass. A massive flood gushed down from the Phu Wua mountain, inundating the creek and sweeping through the Tham Phra Waterfall area. Panic ensued as tourists struggled to escape the perilous situation. Some managed to scramble to higher ground, while others found themselves stranded on rocks in the middle of the cascading waters.

Swift action was taken by rescue teams, who worked tirelessly to aid those stranded. While closely monitoring the situation, the officers succeeded in bringing the tourists to safety as the water levels gradually subsided towards evening. Thankfully, there were no reports of any injured or missing tourists during the rescue operation.

Following the harrowing event, Mr. Wissanu Phumphawa, the head of the Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, ordered an assessment of the situation to gauge the safety of reopening the waterfall for visitors. If heavy rains persist, the sanctuary authorities will opt to temporarily close the site until water levels return to normal. They are encouraging the public to stay informed through social media channels or reach out directly to the Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary for updates on the reopening status.

This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of natural phenomena and the need for caution and vigilance when visiting natural attractions. The safety and well-being of tourists remain a top priority, and authorities will continue to take measures to ensure their protection in the future.

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