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Hua Hin Municipality Launches Anti-Corruption Training for High School Students

Hua Hin Municipality is making a bold move in the fight against corruption by organizing a groundbreaking training course for high school students. The course, which took place on June 7th, 2023, saw the active involvement of the Mayor of Hua Hin, who personally appointed Mr. Atichat Chaisri, Deputy Mayor, as the esteemed chairman of the training program. The primary objective of this initiative was to cultivate a culture of integrity among the youth and empower them to serve as influential agents of change within the community through their participation in the inaugural “STRONG Club” program.

Leading the way in this anti-corruption campaign, the Mayor himself delivered an inspiring opening speech, emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct and the consequences of corruption on society. His unwavering commitment to this cause set the tone for the entire training course, igniting a sense of purpose among the 80 participating students from various schools under the jurisdiction of Hua Hin Municipality.

Supporting the Mayor’s vision, Mr. Jirawat Phramanee, the Municipality Administrator and President of the STRONG Club, took the stage to provide a comprehensive report on the club’s initiatives and share valuable insights on preventing corruption. Joining him were Mr. Amorn Patthong, Deputy President of the Municipal Council and coach of the club, and Mr. Tanongsak Muangmani, President of the coaching committee. This esteemed panel, along with educational leaders, teachers, and students, formed a diverse and dynamic group of 80 individuals committed to driving change within their schools and community.

The two-day training course, held at the Hua Hin Grand and Plaza Hotel in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, featured a series of intensive workshops and interactive sessions aimed at equipping the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become influential ambassadors of integrity. The curriculum focused on various aspects of corruption, including its detrimental effects, preventive measures, and strategies for promoting transparency and accountability.

It is worth noting that the STRONG Club, an organization within Hua Hin Municipality dedicated to combating corruption, has been actively investing in the development of its members. In the previous year, the club received substantial funding from the Provincial Public Sector Anti-Corruption Fund, enabling them to conduct continuous training programs and enhance the capabilities of its members. As a result of these efforts, the efficiency and effectiveness of the club’s operations have led to significant improvements, reflected in Hua Hin Municipality’s impressive AA rating on the Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA), scoring an outstanding 96.49.

In light of these achievements, the Hua Hin Municipality’s STRONG Club took the opportunity to organize the anti-corruption training course for high school students, aiming to foster a new generation of multiplier agents who will actively contribute to the club’s mission and drive positive change within their respective schools. The commitment and dedication demonstrated by all participants underscored the importance of this initiative in the ongoing fight against corruption, ensuring a brighter and more accountable future for Hua Hin and its residents.

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