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Hua Hin Municipality Takes Action to Address Traffic Issues on Chomsin Road

Mr. Nonphop Wutthikun, the Mayor of Hua Hin, visited Chomsin Road to engage with the public and provide information regarding the road expansion project aimed at resolving traffic congestion. The project involves widening the road surface from the Moolniti Foundation to Pramong Intersection. Local officials, including Mr. Sunti Thiamtat, Mr. Danai Phongwattanakul, Mr. Sornsupha Eungrassamee, and Mr. Nat Yingwarakul, along with members of the municipal council, Mr. Kalyuth Guyukam, and Pol. Lt. Col. Phatpong Saadnak, the traffic officer of Hua Hin Police Station, participated in the event. Local residents living in houses and commercial buildings along Chomsin Road also joined in the discussions.

Mayor Nonphop Wutthikun expressed that the road expansion aligns with the policies set forth before the elections. The ongoing project involves expanding the 6-lane road at the Chomsin Railway Crossing, which is currently in progress. Another expansion project focuses on the section from the Moolniti Foundation to Pramong Intersection. These initiatives aim to address traffic congestion issues and accommodate the future growth of Hua Hin. However, concerns regarding the economic and political outlook have led to a significant drop in business confidence.

Residents residing along Chomsin Road, where the construction is taking place, have voiced their complaints, prompting the mayor to inspect the area personally. Following the assessment, it was determined that the road expansion should be carried out only as necessary. As a result, a request has been made to reduce the road width from 10.50 meters to 10.30 meters, with the original width of 8.40 meters. This adjustment will result in a reduction of pedestrian walkways by slightly over one meter, enabling the addition of an extra traffic lane in the downward direction. The increased road capacity by 100% is expected to alleviate traffic congestion. Further deliberations and assessments will be conducted to ensure minimal impact on pedestrian pathways for the residents residing on the least affected stretch of Chomsin Road.

Ansh Dey
Author: Ansh Dey

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