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Stryker Expands Operations in Thailand, Strengthening Commitment to Medical Technology Advancements

Renowned medical technology company, Stryker, has announced the expansion of its presence in Thailand, reaffirming its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to patients. With a focus on delivering innovative medical technology to support Thailand’s public health system, the company has enhanced its office in Bangkok, including the addition of an advanced physicians’ training center.

Mr. Wesley Grant, Vice President and General Manager of Stryker in East Asia, expressed the rationale behind the expansion, stating, “The growth of our office, physician training center, and operations in Thailand is driven by the increasing demand for Stryker’s offerings and our advanced medical technology. This expansion allows us to better serve the needs of our expanding customer base in Thailand and adjacent markets.”

Thailand’s demographic shift, with the elderly population projected to surpass 25% of the country’s total population in the next decade, has prompted a rising demand for Stryker’s robotic technology and neurovascular solutions. The company aims to address these evolving needs and contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Thailand.

Since its establishment in Thailand in 2015, Stryker has introduced more than 150 registered products across various medical fields, including surgery, neurotechnology, and orthopedics. With Thailand strategically positioned as a regional hub, Mr. Grant believes that the country, coupled with effective government policies and initiatives, has the potential to become a leading medical destination in the region.

Mr. Grant expressed confidence in the local talent and emphasized the company’s commitment to attracting diverse professionals. Over the past two years, Stryker’s workforce in Thailand has grown by nearly 20%. The company will continue to collaborate closely with the public healthcare sector and the government to expedite the introduction of their innovative MedTech solutions, thereby contributing to the advancement of Thailand’s healthcare system.

By expanding its operations and investing in physician training, Stryker is reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in Thailand’s medical landscape, dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art medical technology for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers alike.

Noah Gallix
Author: Noah Gallix

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