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Survival Bags Bring Relief to Bedridden Patients in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Municipality Social Help Center, in collaboration with the Prommit Pattana community and various stakeholders, embarked on a compassionate endeavor on May 22, 2023. Led by Ms. Pailin Kongpan, the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, along with Mr. Prasert Phuangsri, Chairman of the Prommit Pattana community, and Ms. Rujapa La-Ongjit, head of the Social Welfare Division, a group of volunteers from the Faculty of Volunteers set out to provide essential survival bags to bedridden patients in need.

Their first destination was the residence of Mr. Pin Mitdee, a 70-year-old individual residing at house number 35/1. Accompanied by a team of five bedridden patients, this mission aimed to boost their spirits and provide sustenance for their daily needs. By providing these survival bags, the initiative sought to alleviate the financial burdens that these individuals and their families faced due to their medical conditions.

Ms. Pailin, while speaking about the project, emphasized that the brainchild behind the survival bag initiative for bedridden patients was none other than Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, the Mayor of Hua Hin, and his dedicated management team. Collaborating with community leaders and volunteers in the village sub-district, the project focused on identifying bedridden patients and extending support to them. Once a bedridden patient was identified, the management team promptly arranged for the delivery of the survival bags to their homes.

This compassionate effort, spearheaded by the Hua Hin Municipality Social Help Center, serves as a shining example of community-driven welfare initiatives. Through their collective efforts, the local authorities, community leaders, and volunteers have brought a glimmer of hope and relief to the lives of bedridden patients in Hua Hin, showcasing the power of unity and empathy in the face of adversity.

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