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Electric Vehicle Competition Promotes Innovation and Skills Development in Thailand

Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus in Chonburi Province hosted the opening ceremony of the 2nd modified electric motorcycle competition, organized by the Thai Electric Vehicle Association and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). The event aimed to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry and foster knowledge transfer in automotive innovation and electrical engineering.

Uthen Supatti, president of the competition, highlighted the significance of the event in promoting the exponential growth of the modern electric vehicle industry. With a focus on design concepts, knowledge transfer, and safety guidelines, the competition aimed to encourage innovation and create job opportunities in the electric vehicle sector. A total of 57 teams participated, comprising 48 teams from educational institutions and 9 general teams. Each team was required to modify a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine into an electric vehicle.

Mrs. Kesnapha Maharattanawong, Assistant Director of Electricity Management and Social Affairs at EGAT, emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting clean energy development and reducing air pollution. EGAT sponsored the competition for the second consecutive year, recognizing its importance in raising awareness of global environmental issues and promoting energy-efficient electric motorcycles that meet safety standards. The initiative aimed to enhance skill development, create career opportunities, and contribute to the growth of the modern automotive industry in Thailand.

Mr. Krisada Utamote, president of the Thai Electric Vehicle Association, stressed the importance of developing skills and knowledge related to electric vehicles to support their increasing adoption. He expressed gratitude to the sponsors for their collaboration in creating job opportunities and new careers within the electric vehicle industry.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Seree Khueanak, Vice President for Sriracha Campus at Kasetsart University, highlighted the university’s efforts in promoting sustainability. The university has been converting gasoline vehicles into electric ones, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and encouraging innovation and knowledge sharing. Charging stations have been installed on both campuses, serving students, staff, and visitors. Additionally, the university has introduced electric scooters as an alternative to gasoline-powered cars for personnel, further reducing carbon emissions. The Faculty of Engineering’s electric vehicle course has focused on developing motor systems, batteries, and safety standards to ensure driver safety.

The competition and collaborative efforts among various stakeholders aim to drive the growth of the electric vehicle industry in Thailand while fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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