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Mayor of Hua Hin City Commends Successful Closing of Recycled Material Basket Weaving Training

On May 11th, 2023, the Mayor of Hua Hin City appointed Mr. Kittipong Fuengfuang, the Secretary-General of the Hua Hin City Municipality, as the chairman for the closing ceremony of the training program aimed at promoting and educating the public on professional skills related to basket weaving using recycled materials (Recycled Material Basket Weaving Training). Ms. Aeungporn Khaman, the Head of the Community Development Division, Social Welfare Department, along with staff members, also attended the ceremony, held on the sixth floor of the Municipal Office’s parking building.

This training session played a vital role in enhancing participants’ skills and abilities in weaving baskets using recycled materials, which can be transformed into various products such as hats and other imaginative creations based on the producers’ creativity. The acquired skills and abilities can be utilized as primary or supplementary professions, providing significant income opportunities for families. Moreover, it helps maximize the utilization of leftover materials, particularly aluminum cans, by transforming them into valuable resources instead of becoming valueless waste. This initiative also contributes to reducing the amount of waste in the community.

After completing the training, all participants have the capability to create beautifully crafted baskets with vibrant colors, which can be sold to generate income. The skills acquired during the training program open doors for individuals to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, ultimately improving their livelihoods.

The Mayor’s presence at the closing ceremony symbolizes the local government’s recognition and support for sustainable practices and initiatives that empower communities. It highlights the commitment to promoting environmentally friendly techniques and fostering economic growth through skill development.

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