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Investigation and Discussion of Complaints : Officials Visit Khao Tao Beach

Recently, a team of high-ranking officials led by Ms. Pailin Kongpan, deputy mayor of Hua Hin, was assigned by the mayor to visit Khao Tao Beach in Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The purpose of the visit was to investigate the facts and address the complaints received regarding the area. Accompanying Ms. Kongpan were Ms. Madee Raksa, director of the Sanitation Division, Mr. Polyuth Muangcharoen from the legal affairs group of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, and other related officials. The group was also joined by Mr. Kamoltham Wasbunma, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Ombudsman, and Mr. Paisansuk Sukkasem, Deputy District Chief of Hua Hin, along with a team of six individuals.

The collective effort was aimed at following up on the progress made in resolving issues at Khao Tao Beach. Previously, the Office of the Ombudsman had received complaints and allegations suggesting that the Hua Hin Municipality had not taken adequate measures to address the problem of wastewater discharge into the sea surrounding Khao Tao Beach. This issue had led to stagnant, foul-smelling water and posed a threat of bacterial contamination, negatively impacting the appeal of the tourist destination and harming the environment.

However, the Hua Hin Municipality had implemented initial measures to alleviate the problem. A drainage channel was dredged in the Khao Tao community area, resulting in a successful resolution of the issues at Khao Tao Beach. The water flowing into the sea was observed to be crystal clear, devoid of any black or foul-smelling characteristics. Moreover, there was no excessive water accumulation on the beach, mitigating the risk of bacterial growth. The investigation further revealed the presence of small fish in the water source, indicating a thriving ecosystem, while birds could safely drink water in the vicinity.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Ombudsman commended the efforts made by the Hua Hin Municipality in resolving the issues. Their prompt actions not only benefited the local community but also contributed positively to environmental preservation and had a favorable impact on tourism. Additionally, the Deputy Secretary-General expressed willingness to offer advice on planning for addressing any long-term problems. The Hua Hin Municipality has shared information regarding their plans for a sustainable solution, including the construction of a wastewater drainage system, to address the challenges faced by the Khao Tao community. Currently, they are in the process of hiring experts to conduct a feasibility study to determine the most suitable course of action, ensuring the long-term well-being of the community.

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