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Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital celebrated World Kidney Day 2023

World Kidney Day 2023 was held at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, with Dr. Arak Wongworachat, Director of Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, officiating at the opening ceremony.

The Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital expressed gratitude to the multidisciplinary team and staff who collaborated to plan the 2023 World Kidney Day event. In terms of chronic kidney disease, it is clear that the number of people suffering from this condition is rapidly increasing. A group of people with diabetes is also included, as is a group of people with high blood pressure. Which of the following is classified as a high risk group for developing chronic kidney disease in the future? If patients with diabetes and high blood pressure do not take proper care of themselves, they may develop uncontrollable diseases. Finally, the disease progresses to the end stage, which necessitates hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. It is therefore critical to find ways to prevent patients with chronic kidney disease from developing chronic kidney failure too soon or to slow the deterioration of the kidneys.

The hospital was confident that everyone who took part in the activities today would learn more. Increase your awareness and focus on self-care. In conjunction with the care provided by the multidisciplinary team at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, you can observe various abnormal symptoms and prevent risks, resulting in a good quality of life. Dr. Sukkasem Amornsunthorn, a nephrologist and Head of Internal Medicine Group and Dialysis Center at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, was also present and gave the report, along with Mrs. Araya Phaksorn, head of the outpatient nursing group. Mrs. Saowalak Saiyudthong, registered nurse, professional, and head of the eye, ear, nose, and throat building; Ms. Kannikar Sangsaeng Sereekul, professional nurse, and head of the diabetes clinic; pharmacist; medical personnel; nutritional science division officer; staff from the Thai traditional and alternative medicine group; patients; and people who use the hospital’s services took part.

Dr. Sukkasem Amornsunthorn, nephrologist and Head of the Hemodialysis Center at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, discussed the history of World Kidney Day 2023 activities. Every year on the second week of March, the World Health Organization (WHO) designates Thursday as “World Kidney Day,” with the campaign slogan “Aware of dangers, care for kidneys, prevent them, focus on risk groups.” One out of every ten people on the planet has abnormal kidney function. And discovered that not receiving treatment for chronic kidney failure caused approximately 1 million deaths. The situation of chronic kidney disease in Thailand demonstrates that the number of patients with chronic kidney disease is rapidly increasing. This is a public health issue with significant economic implications for the country.

In Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in 2022, there were 11,558 chronic kidney disease patients in total, 6,772 patients with chronic kidney disease stages 3 to 5, and 6,772 patients with chronic kidney disease at Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital. There were 1,643 patients in total: 831 with stage 3 chronic kidney disease, 222 with stage 4, and 151 with stage 5 requiring dialysis. A group of diabetic patients and blood pressure

Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital is hosting World Kidney Day activities. There are several activities available, including: Dr. Sukkasem Amornsunthorn, a nephrologist, shared his knowledge on the topic “recognizing dangers, paying attention to the kidneys, preventing them, and focusing on risk groups.” Organize an exhibition to educate people about kidney food conservation and drug use awareness. The nephrology clinic staff, the Social Medicine Group, and the Health Education Group provide kidney disease risk screening. Nutrition Sciences Group educates through demonstrations of cooking Rak Tai food and salinity tests. Be aware of drug use by the pharmaceutical group and foot massage by the Thai Traditional Medicine Group. To raise diabetes awareness, control blood sugar levels, and allow participants to participate in answering questions and receiving prizes.

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