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PM Examines Ratchaburi Province Projects

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha recently reviewed government projects in Ratchaburi, Thailand’s center region.

The prime minister began his tour by visiting an agricultural learning center in the Ban Pong area, where he met with local students and encouraged them to respect the nation’s major institutions.

He also emphasized his administration’s efforts in the area, including as the extension of the Eastern Economic Corridor and the construction of roads and trains, which he believes would benefit future generations tremendously.

During his visit, the premier also met with a local abbot and discussed the status of district development initiatives. He highlighted that these initiatives must follow laws and regulations while also encouraging excellent health among inhabitants, with the objective of making Thailand the ASEAN and global medical hub.

Moreover, Gen Prayut supported his government’s goal of encouraging the growing of 58 “economic plants” in each family, which he believes would bring financial value during hard times.

The prime minister also reviewed the district’s development initiatives. On this occasion, he underlined the need of adhering to government norms and regulations.

Gen Prayut also stated that his administration’s goal is to promote excellent health among communities, propelling Thailand to become the ASEAN and global medical hub.

Finally, he and his entourage examined the Raman Thai indigenous people’s lifestyles and livelihoods.

Author: kanyapat

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